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  • I just bought this, in July 2012, and was disappointed to find that the wheels are permanently misaligned. It's as though the plastic deformed under the load of the stretched tracks, while sitting in the box for ages. With the tracks on, each side toes out about 4.5 degrees. If you take the tracks off it drops to a bit over 2 degrees. The effect is that the tracks or wheels are forced to skid sideways when you want to go straight ahead, and one side or the other thus has to slip, probably chosen at random from moment to moment, so it can't be depended on to go straight. The encoders can't help this problem--they don't see sideways slips. Perhaps the body could be cut into quarters, and the quarters fastened together with an adjustable few degrees rotation to compensate, to align the wheels properly. Otherwise, the product sounded like a nice idea. Dave

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