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  • I want to make sure I am doing the temperature compensation here correct. What I am doing now is using the internal reference resistor as my voltage divider so that both resistances change with temperature at the same time. In my code I have a constant value for the reference resistor in my voltage divider calculation. Is this sufficient or should I be reading both the reference and the level resistance into my microcontroller via their own independent voltage divider circuits and then adjusting the resistance in the level resistance according to the change in the reference. Has anybody done temperature compensation for these?

  • Hey all, still have a couple questions about this breakout. Do I still need a capacitor on my DC motor like I do with a TIP120 Darlington? Also, any consensus on weather or not to put the resistor between the gate and PIC like rsp and russpattersun suggest above? If so, there is a big difference between the 150ohm and 10kohm suggested. 150ohm seems a bit small to me... Thoughts?

  • Am I just an idiot or does the datasheet not mention what parts of the TRS plug are what. This may just be obvious to everybody else...

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