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  • Any verdict on how the solar shield plus plastic wrap has held up to high winds and freezing/thawing?

    I'm also in Boulder and trying to pull off a similar project, but also tracking solar insolation for a particular orientation. I'm trying to figure out the best option for an enclosure if I'll need a solar shield anyway for temperature/humidity. If I can just fit everything in there with some plastic wrap, that would make this all way simpler.

  • Hey Sparkfun, is the bundled relay included with this kit SPST or SPDT? I ordered this kit and a separate COM-10924, which is listed as SPDT. The two relays look identical, and the parts list for this beefcake kit points to the COM-10924.

    Can I use this kit for a SPDT application?

  • Anyone able to speak to waterproofing these with epoxy? I'm hoping to build my own inline water temp sensors similar to: about half way down the page (search for inlet sensors). I tried contacting the author, but still have yet to hear back.

    I need several of them, and epoxy into a tubing coupler may work better than any pre-packaged setups out there.

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