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  • I ordered and promptly received ID-12 parts for building my own 125 kHz RFID reader. I was surprised that such good looking parts didn’t have any piece of paper revealing a schematic. I hunted all over and found pieces of information here and there and felt almost lucky that I was able to actually get a working device that would read a card/chip and display the card/chip number on a computer screen. I was very pleased with the results.

    However, I still think it wouldn’t be that hard for SparkFun to offer a schematic that includes the values of parts used, along with hints about using RS232 with a PC. Something like this would be far more useful than any video.

    Next, I ran across a “build your own” RFID Reader DETECTOR ( But the device described was 13+ mHz, not 125 kHz. After doing a little coil/capacitor/frequency math, I successfully built my own “detector” ( This device easily worked with my ID-12 - a LED lights up when the Detector is at 4 to 5 inches away or closer to the ID-12 module. This device uses only a few cheap parts but might give added enjoyment to the owners of an ID-12 Reader…

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