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  • Hmm...methinks it has DRM...I bought the whole kit but used an HDMI to VGA converter (active converter) and NO videos will play through that converter despite the fact they are encoded correctly for this board. I have not tried it on a full HDMI w/HDCP connection yet...if it requires HDCP that's a no go for me. The videos start and play for 5 seconds with the XBMC port and then stop (the videos were SD...so it should have been able to do that even in software.) Too bad...was hoping to use a bunch of these for media distribution in my home.

  • I've read the comments and agree in general. I made a few designs that worked but I never could get pullups/pulldowns nor assembly language...so I went into Network and Systems Engineering.

    Fast forward to now...I'm working on an Arduino based prosthetic arm controller because no one who makes prosthetic components is an amputee like me so they don't have to live with it and use it every day and all the makers have patents/copyrights/trademarks like crazy. A wrist controller with simultaneous motion with a hand costs $3400 (the main controller is $15000). I coded it in 20 minutes (no, I didn't reverse engineer...but I noticed they encase their designs in epoxy and add blocking diodes once someone figures something out so now I have to use an external relay rather than just reversing PWM polarity like I used to with a UK1122 or a TB6612).

    My point is they make it expensive because it is "medical". That's why I still use a body-powered "old-fashioned" arm until my design is done. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely I will be able to sell it here in North America..but I hope, once I release it, enterprising prosthetists (there are few, to none of those here in the US, sadly) and amputees will send me improvements from everywhere to improve peoples lives. I couldn't have started this idea, done in my spare time as a Network and Systems Engineer for a Hospital, without Sparkfun/Solarbotics/Jameco type entities and the whole Arduino community. I can market my components, eventually, because of the Sparkfun Arduino Bluetooth components so people can see it's "high tech". A big manufacturer of legs brags that it adjusts "1000 times a second" to your gait. My arm controller can do 5000/sec...not that it matters much in an arm (it may in a leg).

    Keep up the good work...Makerbot just screwed themselves with that whole thing. I need components I can make myself, but not for $2100 for their new (proprietary) device in my spare time. I'm going to buy the mbot3d.com 3d printer for my prosthetic parts needs for $700.00. If someone copies my designs? Oh well...they are helping people by doing it and I really want to know I helped! I don't need, nor want, to be rich...I just want to live a decent life.

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