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  • Hi Jared, You can solder headers onto this board to provide the functionality you need. For example, I soldered male headers onto the long sides for breadboard prototyping but because the VCC-Rx-Tx end is perpendicular it won’t do for breadboarding. I just turned the breakaway male headers over and so they stick up and I use female-male jumpers. Sparkfun has a variety of headers available, including stackable. I find the breakaway variety generally provide the most flexibility for any given project. *edit: a link to headers! https://www.sparkfun.com/search/results?term=stackable+headers

  • Solved by Arduino forum user: tap power to RAW and the sketch runs correctly. VCC on the side of the Pro Mini is the output side of the voltage regulator.

  • I have one of these running when powered via FTDI Basic but when I try to power it from a 6V, 9V, or 12V wall wart my sketch won’t run; I only have a red LED on the header side of the microprocessor. That LED is lit when powered by FTDI Basic but it is much brighter with a DC adapter to VCC. Any thoughts?

  • I need clarification on using ENABLE. I have its breakout wired to digital io 12 on my Arduino Uno. In setup I have set 12 to output and written it low.

    I don’t know how to confirm that the motor has been disabled when, in my sketch, I call it to high, but even after any amount of time, the motor still has whine and feels hot, so I don’t believe that it has been disabled.

    Am I doing this wrong?

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