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  • Yes, but only to "restore to factory settings" (gpio0) but for that you need a working firmware.

    Actually there is no way to recover from a half firmware write. Tried almost all of the possible ways to recover it (short of using the konami code ;) ), no repsponse fromBlueCreations, no activation to post on their forums, and a "you should contact BlueCreations" from sparkfun "support".

    Actually there might be a way to recover it, using the usb port on the BC127, but then again it is undocumented and it seems that it will continue to be that way.

    Already ordered a new unit, but not really sure that I will risk it with a firmware update again (even with the ftdi ic)

    I have implemented a BC127 emulator in software and I can reproduce the firmware update error every time (just a few bytes are sent continously to the unit after entering in DFU mode, but the updater reports update completed ok, thus bricking the module), so it has nothing to do with being PL2303 or FTDI, it is an updater issue or a DFU process issue. Definetely it is not "unbrickable" as claimed.

  • But the PL2303 did work great for a month with the jamboree (bc127).

    Wondering if this (pl2303) has something to do with phonebook downloading that never completes (the PBAP_PB OK event is never signaled by the BC127, but the phone book list size seemed complete)

    But it seemed more like a firmware bug than a UART bridge issue (all other command and events did worked great). That is why I wanted to update to the latest firmware.

    It is bricked (really really bricked it seems) as it outputs a series of BF FF (in several combinations) when powered, in what probably is the DFU mode sending a "ready" header hex string.

    Now if there is a pin that can be tied low (or high) at power up to unbrick it (like in similar BT IC's), THAT will be great (not holding by breath for that though)

    From BlueCreations BC127 page:

    "Additionally the DFU process is a reliable upgrade protocol. If this upgrade fails or is not completed the device still functions and allows the upgrade to be restarted."

    Yeah, right ;)

  • Did you use a FTDI bridge (and have you connected all the pins, including CTS and DTR)?

    I tried the upgrade but it bricked the BC127, and now it seems to be stuck on DFU mode, I was using a PL2303 with TX RX only (well 70 bucks to the trash bin, time to order a new jamboree board).

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