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  • Has anybody else noticed that the pinout designsations and the application note schematic don't match on the datasheet?

    Which one is correct?

  • Errr... Sorry, it's how much???

    A good price by medical equipment standards but as the only need for 'food-safe' is the tube and that's only rated for a life of 20 days continuous use, I think it will be a stepper motor, a bit of design time and a trip to the local 3D printer for me...

  • Way to expensive for my taste, I'll stick with the modules from RFDigital...

  • P.S.

    I can't get the Example Code on this page to compile either...

    The errors are:-

    Adafruit_PCD8544.cpp: In member function 'void Adafruit_PCD8544::begin(uint8_t)': Adafruit_PCD8544.cpp:155: error: 'digitalPinToPort' was not declared in this scope Adafruit_PCD8544.cpp:155: error: 'portOutputRegister' was not declared in this scope Adafruit_PCD8544.cpp:156: error: 'digitalPinToBitMask' was not declared in this scope

    Surely "Example Code" should run straight out of the box?

  • Having Problems...

    Despite my earlier post, I'm now having problems with these didplays as I come to try and actually use them.

    I'm running with an Arduino Uno R3 and using voltage dividers on the signal lines for the hardware setup.

    1) There seems to be a serious issue related to contrast and/or connections between the display and the breakout board. When running "Black on White" text, the background gradually darkens to a black rectangle covering the etire display area but will revert to normal if the centre of the metal surround is squeezed towards the pcb, however, putting a sprig clip on it to keep it comoressed doesn't seem to cure the problem, but just slows the raste at which it fails - waggle it and it comes good again.

    2) I'm really struggling to find unformation on using this display with the Arduino. The example (pcdtest.pde) provided with the Adafruit libraries (Adafruit_PCD8544 and Adafruit_GFX) won't even compile and the only library I have found that I can make any sense of using is the PCD8544 library from Google (http://code.google.com/p/pcd8544/downloads/detail?name=PCD8544-1.4.zip) and I can't really uderstand how to do graphics with that.

    I did find another example (did't save it and can't find it again) that worked with the Adafruit libraries as it was supplied (including graphics), but trying to change it in any way beyond changing the text of the "Hello World !" string (which actually shoed on screen as "Hffmmp Wpsme !", so obviously a coding problem there!!!) just locked everythig up.

    I tried using the "LCDAssistant" package to create a logo from a graphic that I resized to a b&w jpg of 84x48 but every byte generated was 0x00 so that was not right. I tried fiddling with the settings (flying blind) but still got nowhere - does anybody know the settings for LCDAssistant and this display and has used it successfully?

    Maybe some of the answers are on here somewhere but, frankly, I don't understand a lot of what is being said - I'm a very old dog, who is struggling badly with new tricks...

    Any help or advice appreciated, thanks.

  • I have purchased a couple of these from Proto-Pic in the UK to build an Arduino-based test device for use in my workshop.

    One of the things that I test regularly is a commercial item that features a 16x4 (HD44780) display. Currently I have a 20x4 on a flying lead that I plug in to determine if a display failure is down the lcd display or the main board.

    Is there any way to get the 5110 Graphic Display to work with signals that were feeding to an HD44780? - if I could build that in then I would have a complete multi-testing set up in one box.

    I'm very out of date hadrware-wise (I was out of electronics for 30 years) and I'm not a programmerby any stretch of the imagiation (even a relatively simple sketch takes hours eliminating the errors one by one).

    I have the other test functions working ok by using the library and cobbling together code from projects I've found on the web (very inefficent coding when put together I'm sure, but it works) but I'd dearly love to add this extra functionality.

    Can anybody help?



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