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  • This is a really cool board to develop with! Having the ability to connect to a micro-controller though an android OS phone is really cool for a noob. However, one word of caution, the micro-USB connection to the board is NOT structurally sound. I have broken three boards because of this issue. If one is to apply even the smallest amount of torque to the connector it is highly possible to rip the pads off the board. The first board I broke was just simply because I plugged/unplugged the USB wire meany times. The other times I broke them was because I tried snaking the red wire in a tight place for different projects. (the second time I did this was because I was stupid tired and wasn't paying attention) This is something Sparkfun should look into as a design improvement but until then take great care to protect the connector!

  • Okay I'm trying to increase the baud rate on this thing but having issues. I first thought this thing was an actual ELM327 but I now realize I'm wrong. Does anyone know how how to increase the baud rate for this board or at least point me in the direction I should be looking?

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