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  • Big errata -- the datasheet Sparkfun has is out of date. This is the new one:


    most importantly, the default baud rate is no longer 38400, it is 9600. Hopefully this will save the rest of you the hours I just spent trying to get this to not return garbage characters :)

  • I could not get the Phant to work on a Sparkfun Photon Redboard, and discovered I had to make a change to the HTTP POSTing code. I discovered the POSTing logic suggested by Sparkfun in their official Particle Phant wrapper is different from the example code in Sparkfun_Photon_Weather_Phant. Precisely, you want the code in postToPhant to look like

    if (client.connect(server, 80))
        int timeout = 1000;
        while (client.available() || (timeout-- > 0))  {
            char c = client.read();
            if (i < 512)
                response[i++] = c;

    Instead of the delay(1000) stuff.

  • Love this Thing. We made a super simple IoT sensor for baking bread with it, parts list and code included: https://github.com/bwhitman/bread-detector

  • Does anyone know the minimum sensing distance of this?

  • I did a dumb calibration / "best fit" power curve in Excel after some measurements of the voltage reading in an Arduino to inches, here's my function:

    int sensorValue = analogRead(A0);
    float inches = pow(sensorValue,-0.867) * 539.98;

    This is using 5V USB powering the board and the Vcc going to a 5V pin on the arduino.

    Hope this helps anyone using this

  • hi -- I had the usual problems getting this thing to talk to a "real computer" so i wrote up my steps and posted all the code I used. More or less, I run a tiny stub piece of code on an Atmel that listens to its UART over 9600bps and sends commands to a connected backpack over SPI. This lets me then control the matrix from almost anything at a pretty good FPS without any complications. Here it all is, enjoy: