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  • I am powering this off 4xAA just fine. You can adjust the heating values in your code. Put this into your setup after you declare the printer:

    Thermal.write(27); //return after this Thermal.write(55); //return after this Thermal.write(255); //return after this Thermal.write(255); //return after this Thermal.write(255); //return after this

    Managing the settings is… odd. The first two (27 and 55) get your printer ready to accept the next three commands and tells the printer what those commands will be. In this case it sets the print density and heat time to the max.

    Note: If you are using the “Hater-Matic” sketch, replace “Thermal.write” with “printerOutput.write”.

    Hope that helps!

  • I can confirm that this works with a mixture of US and Japanese Yen! I have a modified “Hater-Matic” at my clinic in Japan giving out jokes to patients!

  • Does anyone know if these will work for bristle bots?