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  • Tired of being the “sidekick” Luigi decided to hack the game a little and race with the blue shell. I wonder what will happen when he is in first place?

  • You got it!

  • I don’t know how many kids show up, but since you are selling tickets at the door you could tell families to not buy tickets on eventbrite for their children under “x” age and then let the kids in for free when the family shows up (I’m assuming there is going to be some kind of gate). And if you did want to go through eventbrite, but you are also charging admission at the door, I would give the adults who tried to use the free kids tickets the option of paying $6 at the door or not coming in. There probably will be some families that swindle some older kids in there for free, but I assume the majority of people will be honest.

  • The admissions part is a good idea and $6 isn’t that much for a fun filled day. You may want to set an age cutoff for the admission price though. Some families may be put off if they have to spend an extra $6 so their infant or toddler can get in with them.

  • After Skynet took over Casey was Humanity’s last chance.

  • I never dreamed that I would climb over the moon in ecstasy. But nevertheless it’s there that I’m shortly about to be. Cause I’ve got a red box. Cause I’ve got a red box. I’ve got a chance to make my way. And with a red box it’s an awesome Atmel day.

  • I like the simplicity of Robert Paradiso’s. It also looks like what I imagine a legless android zombie would look like trying to get up the stairs (possibly to eat your computer’s processor).

    Good job everyone!

  • A screen-grab Sparkfun’s from first feature film: Karate-Chopping Nic No-talker versus The Red-Bot from Mars.

    Not part of the caption
    * Please make a 30+ minute film created by the staff and submit it to some indie film festival - I would watch it at least once*
  • Yeah, Building an enclosure can be cost/time prohibitive. I used to study bat populations and we used “mist nets” (Nixalite , Ecotone) to capture bats. The nets were kind of painful to set up and take down (fold them carefully!), but they were quite effective and a group of people could easily set them up. With some strong poles for support I imagine most aerial vehicles would get tangled up pretty quick in those nets, getting them out is the problem… You could always have extra nets ready to go when a vehicle gets tangled up.

  • Thanks for taking out the aerial category, it’s so cool, but someone was eventually going to get hurt. I wonder what constraints could be added to make the competition safe? Using rotors for upward lift seems too dangerous, but what if the lift was provided by a balloon and steering was provided with a small rotor.

    Alternatively, it could be an indoor competition with something like micro airplanes (think Stevens Aero. You would probably still get hurt if hit by one of these, but hopefully not seriously since they are so small and low power.

    Honestly, adding large safety constraints to the aero competition might be the best thing for the unmanned aerial industry since the hobbyists who compete in Sparkfun events are very creative and will likely produce novel safety designs… Perhaps one of the challenges could be running into a large Jello mold and rating the amount of damage done - less damage = more points, lol.