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  • One more thing. IOIO works with a Pandigital SuperNova tablet.

  • Okay, here’s the solution to my problem:

    I’m sure that there are other people who have very little experience with eclipse, java and android so hopefully this will get the problems resolved. When I imported the latest version of helloioio, eclipse automatically install references to associations to ioiolib, ioiolibbt and ioiolibAccessory. So the compiler starts complaining about the libraries being missing for all of the imported projects (the red exclamation points).

    If you follow the above tutorial where it says to go to HelloIOIO>Properties>Android>Library you will already see the library projects which you have imported with green checkmarks next to them and if you click the add button there, will be no options to add any libraries. This is where I got stuck.

    First go to the Problems pane and delete all of the errors and warnings. Eclipse finds all of these errors as you add the additional packages and doesn’t clear them automatically once they are no longer valid. But if you look at the import statements in src>ioio.examples.hello> there will be no errors after you have imported the libraries.

    Next right click on HelloIOIO>Android Tools>Fix Project Properties.

    Delete any more errors or warnings that might show up.

    Reboot Eclipse.(Don’t know why but the project didn’t load correctly until I did this)

    Now the code should boot the Android without any errors

    Glad I can get on with it now.

  • Problem red exclamation points next to HelloIOIO,IOIOLib and IOIOLibBT

    I have been following this tutorial and have run into a snag. I have JDK1.6.0_25 and jre6 and the Android SDKs installed. I downloaded App-IOIO0324 and have imported the project and libraries into Eclipse as instructed. I have both Eclipse 32 and 64 bit versions on my system.

    I am running Windows 7 Pro 64bit OS. The tutorial explains how to associate the imported libraries with the HelloIOIO project but when I get to the >Properties for HelloIOIO>Android project build target window, I see the IOIOlib and IOIOLibBT libraries with green checks in the Library pane and IOIOLibAccessory with a red X. If I click add at this point I get a box titled “Project Selector” which has nothing available to select.

    Window>Preferences>Java>Compiler is set to Compiler Compliance level 1.6 and use default compliance settings.

    Android Manifest seems to be preset to the correct permissions in App-IOIO0324.

    Eclipse complains: Unable to resolve target ‘android-3’

    I have made sure that my path statement is set to the correct bin directory for Java 6.

    I had Java 7 installed but took it off of the system to troubleshoot this.


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