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  • I had the same issue. I ended up doing some research and concluding that something like this would work. Don't remember why I concluded that because once I got them I realized the prongs of the softpot were spaced correctly but they aren't thick enough to be held in the female connectors. After futzing around for a while it seemed that they might slide in over the top of the connector (hard to describe without a diagram), or perhaps you're meant to use that opening to close the crimps? In any case I ended up accidentally breaking the housing apart on one of them and exposing the individual wires with the metal crimp ends. I realized I could just slide the crimps over the prongs on the softpot and close them down with pliers. Not elegant but it works.

    Oh and since I accidentally snapped off one of the softpot's prongs in the process of all this (yeah I'm that guy), I discovered that it is possible to solder directly to the softpot very carefully and quickly without killing it. YMMV..

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