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  • Has anyone created a wiring diagram to make this board work? Perhaps a description of the pinout from the board? I'm hoping to create a voice module with best quality audio, one message, of 20 seconds duration. Thanks! John

  • Is the holding torque adjusted as well as the motor turning torque by adjusting the current on the Big Easy Driver? For my application, holding torque is not critical, but turning torque is. Can I increase turning torque without increasing holding torque (it wastes battery power)?

  • Been in electronics for many years, and never seen an odd package arrangment as this BED, thermally speaking. Is one to heat sink both the bottom of the board and the top of the chip? It would be nice to buy an off-the-shelf heat sink for this board, but none exists. What are other users using for heat sink(s)?

  • igain- Have you had any success in running in bridge mode? I'm looking for the same information! Anybody? jwax@nycap.rr.com Thanks!

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