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  • Product PRT-11231 | last year

    I used a photo Darlington (from NTE) with a 10K resistor pulled high on the collector, emitter to GND, and connected the collector to EN to make my circuit only operate after dark. So, I can charge with a solar panel during the day and run arduino lights at night automatically. I put a switch across the EN to GND connection in parallel with the Darlington so I can switch the whole thing off manually.

  • Product PRT-11231 | last year

    If you put a large cap (~10,000 uF) across the solar panel it will work much better for charging. Otherwise the current will porpoise up and down and the charger never really gets to go through it’s cycle without interruption. Adding the cap smooths out the current and stabilizes the whole system, making it much more efficient.

    Note - just use a standard electrolytic cap. Supercaps do not seem to work well for this.

  • Product DEV-10274 | about 2 years ago

    If you are planning on using SPI, as for example with Total Control Lighting, you will need to connect to the SCK pin on what would be D13 on a through-hole on the back of the board. It does not connect to a pad. It is not solder masked so you can solder to it. You can figure out which one it is by tracing from the surface mount LED back through its resistor.

    I have managed to solder to this twice on two boards with good results. Then I applied a ton of hot glue to keep the wires from pulling off.

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