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Electronics (duh), Aviation/Aerospace, Metal working, things that fly, things with blinky lights, flying things with blinky lights, etc etc.

  • Hmm, any relation to Conner Kuhns?

    That aside, look forward to seeing the build progress!

  • Pressurized propane doesn’t need a pump. A regulator might be good though…

  • Depending on the dimensions, some plaster of paris and a popsicle tray might make perfect sensorsicles. Not sure how much that helps with corrosion though.

  • Does anybody know if one can bodge this together with lcdproc without herculean effort? I expect to be using a usb/serial adapter, motherboards being sans serial these days.

  • I’d really like to see an FTDI alternative serial/usb board.

    After recent cluelessness by FTDI, I’m no longer comfortable with them as a source, and there seems to be a few other options available.

  • Would pairing this with the mechanum wheels be appropriate, or does it need gearing down?

  • I should clarify: the blue pin numbers on the hookup guide (not the board) look swapped. So maybe just needs a photoshop on the image to avoid confusion. Suspect the board is fine and the graphic is just mistaken.

  • It looks like pins 14 and 17 are swapped on the hookup guide (hopefully not swapped on the board!).

    Can you confirm/deny this is the case?

  • Waterproof? Have an outdoor application to avoid dew accumulation.

    If not I can always just use some sugru to seal and attach it…

  • I have 5 of these because I was dumb and ordered more than one, which would have been enough to tell me that the production quality is not the best. I tried using it with the missle switch cover, and the nut strips before it actually is anything resembling tight. Not the highest quality I’ve ever seen, but for less than two bucks, what did you expect?