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  • As a strategic planner in a large research lab, and a married man for 23 years, I've observed that Men and Women frequently think differently and approach a problem differently. In order to solve research problems, I want to consider as many approaches to the problem as possible. In a male dominated lab, I am missing out on different apporaches that may be brought to the table were I to have more women/minorities engineers. Hence the reason we feel it is critical to attract more to STEM fields. It's not a competition, it's a collaboration. We want as many different perspectives to a proablem as we can get - a different cultures and the two sexes bring more perspectives.

  • Technology Barbie - WRONG! A doll is a doll - playing with it doesn't make a person want to "be" what the doll is any more then video games made me want to grow up to be violent (I played space invaders relentlessly on my Atari and have never had the urge as an adult to go find space aliens and kill them.) Instead: How about a programmable Barbie jeep powered by an Arduino like processor instead of male dominated robots and quad copters? A Barbie house that you can program the lights in the rooms to turn on when the Barbie doll comes into it? A soccer ball with a slot for a sensor so a girl could design a circuit that would take the sensor output and calculate the force of the kick or speed of the ball? A kit that designs a circuit that calculates the speed of her softball bat swing? Best of all, a kit that determines who is the hottest guy in middle school (a temperature sensor with a pulse meter and a led readout.) Generate interest through the application of electronics to a girl world. Anyone want to hire me to do market research and toy engineering? I’m bored with research :)