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Le Samourai

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  • Looking at the image with the quarter & the schematic, C1 is the white one next to the VCC and GND text. C3 is the white one in the bottom right quadrant (near pin5, connected to pin6). C5 is brownish-orange in the bottom left quadrant, attached to the IN pin (remove and short out the pads if you need to pass a DC signal). C6 is brownish-orange in the bottom right quadrant, attached to the potentiometer (again, short if you need to transfer DC from op amp A to op amp B). The cap in the upper middle above pin8 is C2, used for decoupling (no need to remove).

    To Sparkfun: you guys are already paying to silkscreen both sides of the boards... it wouldn't hurt to include reference designators as well, especially on boards meant for prototyping.

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