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  • A mic jack would transform this shield into something so much better.

  • Yeah. I just did it using this library

    and MP3player.skipTo(some number in here);

    But my implementation has a bug where the arduino goes bananas if you try to fast forward or rewind past the start or end of a song.

    I wonder what a better way would be.

  • Mine's running great on fat 32. 16gig.

  • A bit annoying to get it moving.

    Here's a step by step for Mac users:

    1) Download the library from The Sparkfun software didn't work for me and was outdated.

    2) Install the libraries...

    2.1) by right clicking (or CTRL clicking) on Applications/Arduino and select show package contents.

    2.2) Place the libraries inside the Arduino application package folder in Applications/Arduino/Contents/Resources/Java/libraries/

    2.3) Quit the Arduino program if it's open and restart it.

    3) Run madsci1016's code:

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