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  • Some observations... I had a hell of a time with this board. Tested every single led before soldering them, and almost the entire first row would not light up on green or blue, never to mind the fact that clearly I got an older board with mislabeled green and blue, however that was easy enough to deal with.

    The fact that partway down each blue and green lead there were breaks that I had to bridge with wire all down the first row was a headache. Not the end of the world, but still a gotcha that it's worth mentioning to someone else having trouble. I note that someone else in the comments had a similar problem. I'm glad I didn't clip my LED pins after soldering until I'd tested each and every single color on each LED. I still had something to solder wires onto to compensate.

    I also have noticed like others that there is some sensitivity to static with the button pads. So if designing a circut for these buttons, I would recommend filtering noise with a couple caps.

    If you're hading trouble with the blue or green pins on the first row (or bottom row), you can bridge them back to the headers with a bit of wire.

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