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  • I have two LED circuits with the lilypad mircocontroller and this type of power source. Can I attach the one and same button to both of the power sources/circuits, that is to say, I will indirectly be connecting the two power sources in parallel. I know I can't power the lilypad with more than 5,5V, but it will be ok since it is a parallel coupling right?

  • Since the pins have different names; 1-13, A1, etc, or tx, rx, what is each pin preferred usage? I read somewhere that some of the pins are for digital input while others are for analog. Is it possible to use the pins for LED circuits and switches regardless. Thanks for the help.

  • Hi Susan,

    I am wondering about the same. I've seen some tutorials with seven in parallel. They seem to light up ok, but how long will it last? Have you gotten any answers about this elsewhere? Janniche

  • Hi Sparkfun,

    I am an industrial designer student designing a female scooter jacket with LED's. I am looking for power sources, and as my knowledge in electronics is limited I am addressing my questions to you.

    I have purchased the power case DEV-11259 for the AAA battery. I have 4 circuits with respectively 40, 32, 30 and 16 Lilypad LEDs (in parallel). From the LED datasheet (the DEV-100-series), I see that forward voltage is 2V. Since I have 4 circuits, do I have to use 2 Lilypad micro controllers? The 4 circuits have to be independent of each other.

    Circuit 1, Two lines of LEDs on arms: 40 Circuit 2: Two lines of LEDs in front: 32 Circuit 3: Two lines of LEDs in back: 30 Circuit 4: Cluster of LED's on back-arms: 16

    Maximum number of LED's on at one time is 102. The number of LED's can be adjusted down if necessary. I recon the rechargeable Lithium would be better for this application since it says that it lasts longer.

    I wonder, is 102 an incredible high amount of LED's for one Lilypad LiPower source? How long will the power source last with 102 LED's on? Or X LEDs? I will be happy to send you a schematic of the jacket.

    How sturdy are the LEDs? Can they really last the 1000 operation hrs when placed in a jacket and with the use that comes with a jacket? Also referring to the recommendation of using the LEDs within 1,5 year after purchase. Another question: Do you provide LEDs that can be clipped onto a textile circuit instead of sewn on? In that way, I think it would be easier to change LEDs after their operation life, or in case of a defect.

    Thank you for your time.

    Regards, Janniche

  • Thanks for the reply Toni. As I want to utilize the photocell in a garment, can the photocell be washed? And will the photocell's detection of light/lack of light be affected by being covered in a transparent or bright material? As I am a newbeginner, the specifications in the datasheet do not lead my to any conclusion on those matters. Thanks.

  • Hi! Is it possible to "invert" the sensor: as in when there is little light, something turns on, and while there is light, nothing happens. I want to use the sensor to turn on LEDs when it starts to get dark outside.

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