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  • Yes, however I had not seen the Firmware page until shortly after posting. I looked for it but perhaps I just missed it the first time. I will see if it does the trick, tonight.


  • So, I have been reading the comments beneath all of the addressable LED Strip variations. Am I missing something? I have not found any actual guidance on programming/connecting these using an Uno.

    I am not sure if it applies but I found what appears to be a similar product over at pololu site with tutorial on uploading a sketch, etc. I haven't tried it yet, I would rather get the info here, if possible.

    Can anyone offer guidance on powering and programming these using an UNO?

  • Cool. I have these running off of 3AA but I wanted to switch to 5-6v. I'm using them enclosed within some diffused material to look like "internals at work" within my R2D2's legs. :) Thanks for ansering the Voltage question beofre I asked it ;)

  • Can I use my open segment serial display to display my 12v battery power? I am a novice and although it says you can plug it into a 12v power source, I am wary.

    I just want it to display voltage i.e. 12.1, 11.5, whatever. I really like the display on this item, I would like to use it for power display. Any suggestions?


  • I have a couple of these and wanted to utilize them in my R2-D2. They have a wonderful level of color and I want that on the inside of the body. Initially i wanted to use them for voltage display but I understand that it will not work on a 12v battery, as a meter. So question,

      Can it be used to log time of use?  I.e. it starts counting when I power up my R2, then pause when R2 is turned off, then continue where it left off, etc. until i reset counter.

    *I am starting to implement i2c in some of the electronics inside of R2. I would like to understand how I can utilize the open segment for more than just a clock :)

  • I am looking for a way to display voltage on my R2-D2. Will this work? *I am still learning.