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  • Two things spring immediately to mind: can you mask it when curing (like it's photoresist) and get useful additional effects, and can you get fancy fine lines by drawing in it with a laser diode :)

    There are some similar materials that cure down into the blue spectrum - I know some polymer dental fillings use a blue LED, for instance.

  • What I'd really rather like is one of these with a regulator that can take a really wide range of input voltages - say, up to 36V. Which is to say, an esp8266 module with a few GPIO pins that can share a power input with a pico/femtobuck without having to have a separate regulator.

  • Worth note that for the hex and octal versions of these, iterating over the digits in the number is as simple as doing i>>=3 or i>>=4 and i & 0xF or i & 0x7 - which is basically the same cost as the string conversion, but without the memory penalty and you're already at linear in the number of digits, and shifts and bitwise-and are usually cheap.

  • On the one hand, I love that the site navigation now actually works in links2 - on the other, the site does just feel clunkier when fully rendered, and the layout is big and doesn't flow/fit my screen in Firefox anymore.

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