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  • POSSIBLE BUG : If a zero data length packet is received with a CRC error, no subsequent valid packets can be received until the device is reset via power recycle (maybe with a soft reset.) I had attempted to use zero data length packets for ACK/NAK responses and into this problem. Once I changed them to one data byte packets all was well - going to contact HopeRF and SiLabs.

    Overall, this is a great module and I highly recommend it!

  • Nice vid - Keep in mind that the LM358 output only swings from 0 to VCC-1.5V… If your divider gives about 1.67V bias the output will clip at 1.83V, limiting the AC peak amplitude to 0.16V.. If you change the bias to 0.9V the AC peak will be increased to, well, about 0.9V. If you have a rail-to-rail amp that would be even better.

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