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  • The pilot, marooned on Wizard Island, was highly valued for his manual dexterity which enabled him to perform tasks for which there was yet no incantation.

  • This would make a great intruder alarm. Instead of musical notes, use animal sounds, horns, cartoon character voices.

  • The All-DoF is the perfect datalogger to throw into the mouth of an active volcano. My project is to measure the depth of the lava by measuring heat and pressure. Can the All-DoF power harvesting feature convert the heat and pressure into enough electrical power to power a protective electroendothermic heat shield? I imagine this could run for years, and once it reached the center of the Earth it could continue to operate forever, providing a communication link from one side of the Earth to the other. I would like to make the first geo-centric satellite at the center of the Earth.

  • I wonder if the servers had been fast enough to handle all browser requests immediately, how long this would lasted? Perhaps less than a minute for 1000 people to make that final click, in which case everyone else would have been quickly disappointed.
    I called in after 20 minutes to see if it was still going, and to my surprise it was. Basically this was a kind of lottery. I got mine after 40 minutes of mouse clicking. The slow servers made it more of a winnable challenge. I hope Sparkfun nets an eventual positive on this due to publicity.

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