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  • thanks a1ronzo for your reply :) I can see it is used in void quadstep::current_control(int step) as step1 = STEPMIN + (_torque * 260);

    to be honest, I am not sure I really understand current_control. I see that the result step1 is used in the delayMicrosecond to power the motor in motor_go but I don't understand why it is calculated this way. Why 800? If I change this value, say lessen it, it will lessen the delayMicroseconds thus speeding the rotation ? Then why do we have to do _torque * 260? Where does 260 come from?

    Sorry for all those questions, maybe I am missing some basic mechanics rules. :)

  • I was looking at the quadstep.cpp file and I was wondering what is STEPMIN and why is it set to 800 :)

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