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  • Good grief guys, I know we're in a vertical market, but this is getting ridiculous!

  • Yep, there was - you could leave messages for the cosmonauts or for other hams. I also talked voice to one of the cosmonauts for a few minutes from my car on the way from Omaha to Sioux City for an amateur radio convention.

    Finally, if you search for N0ZHY in this file:


    you'll see where I bounced an APRS packet off of Mir in the 1999 timeframe with my (at the time) new Kenwood TH-D7A handheld that has a built-in 1200 BPS modem. Used a normal rubber duck antenna for that one.

  • BTW, "hint hint" is right - Sparkfun should sell ham gear. Like GMSK modems and AMBE codecs to get on D-STAR without paying Icom insane amounts of money.

  • Regarding the "how far can 5 watts go in clear space" - back in 1993 when I first got my ticket, my first radio was a Heathkit HW-2P handheld 2 meter radio. I also was very interested in packet radio, so I got a KPC-3 TNC as well, and soldered up an interface cable.

    Using that radio, at 5 watts out, hooked up to a six-foot hunk of twin-lead antenna line as a j-pole antenna, and hanging inside my apartment balcony door, I regularly logged into the packet BBS on the Mir space station, no trouble at all.

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