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  • I am assuming that at some point, you expect the Artemis module to be used as a standalone in projects. Now that the module's Pads seem to be decided, do you plan on releasing a breakout module for the artemis ? Another question. why wasn't the Artemis released as a castellated board ?

  • This wave trigger has 8 outputs. But Can I configure to have just one output ? My application has only 1 speaker. Thanks!

  • What's the diameter of the wire with the jacket ?

  • I agree too. I think pololu's idea of discounting items for everyone was better than yours sparkfun. Sorry to say, but this experience has left a real bad aftertaste to make me wanna buy again from you guys. I know some folks here are gonna say sour grapes. But have they tried entering 600+ captcha's?

  • Sparkfun: Do you have a link to the new improved optiboot of yours?
    I have a Atmega from you guys that i am planning on burning with Optiboot. But the standard one is quite buggy.
    Can you upload the improved optiboot bootloader of yours?

  • This chip looks really great.
    I am planning on using it on an ambilight project i have in my mind. No processing or using a PC. Take 4 of these sensors, mount them at the edges of the screen, use their outputs to average out the colors.
    Problem is the chip being a BGA. I have never soldered any SMD chip smaller than an SOIC.
    The breakboard is great. However the sensor is right smack at the center of the board. I was wondering Sparkfun, if you are planning on releasing any breakboard where the sensor is mounted at the edge of the board. This way it can be used on the monitor's bezel.

  • So can i connect this gps to the ftdi basic breakout board and connect them to to a hyperterminal and see the nmea data ? what should be the hyperterminal settings?
    I have this unit and want to test it out first.

  • has anyone tried this from harbor freight?
    It is a plastic welder and needs air source, but it small enough to be held like a soldering iron and it can generate really hot air. Costs about $39.
    I used it to remove some smd usb connectors.

  • seems like i can only use up to 20 pin ssop. But you say i can use up to 28 pins. what is correct here?

  • breakout board please ?

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