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  • Yeah I have been wondering the same thing, as I can get it working on the older Arduinos, but cant seem to get it working on the Uno or Mega. I understand that they don't have the FTDI chip but does that mean I don't need a board like this to program them on the serial ports? thanks for any help.

  • Hi All,

    Any one know what the upper limit of the number of TLC5940 that can be daisy chained with this breakout board? I'm looking for hooking up at least 12 of them, if this is possible. Also would their need to be some power considerations for powering all those breakout boards. IN my case, i just want to use them to send PWM to some constant current circuits for high current leds. Thanks for any help with this.



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hey there this is the Wishlist for art106 if this is too...