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  • Love the leftmost symbol!! That was one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite shows!

    We feel you Mr. Fillion, we feel you….

  • I think it is probably connected with a little bit of the copper tape (possible painted white). If you look closely when Dia touches the leftmost symbol (“well my days…”), you can see the tape connecting the middle symbols to the outer ring.

  • I know this is a few years late, but what hit me is the styrofoam you used. If you use extruded polystyrene (EPS, “pink foam”, there are no little balls, and it cuts nice and clean with a knife or almost anything. It comes in pink, but I’m pretty sure you can get it in white too. Plus, you could probably cut ½" sheets on the laser cutter and then just stack three of them per digit (might be able to cut thicker sheets, I just don’t know.

    I’m gonna have to make me one of these!

  • Don’t know how well it would work for you, but I use one of those wire racks with pull out bins like this right next to my workbench. They work great because you can pull them out partly and then paw through them looking for stuff. I put stuff in them based on “category”: miscellaneous electronic components (usually salvaged), motors/magnetic stuff, battery holders, batteries, PSUs, salvaged circuit boards waiting to be cannibalized when I need a specific component, small mechanical parts, etc. On top, I have a pull out drawer system like this that I keep small stuff in. One of the drawers houses all the screws I pull out of stuff I disassemble for parts, that screw drawer has saved me quite a few times on projects. Never know when I need an obscure metric screw that just happened to come from that 80’s hard drive I disassembled last year :)

    Oh, and for all the bigger stuff/ works in progress, I have one of those big wire shelves across the room that is chocked full, floor to ceiling with stuff.

  • That’s not an owl, that’s a firefly!

  • “Now here’s something you cant do…” Pulls soldering iron out of the cargo bay

  • Love it! Wish I had me one of those models ;)

  • Awesome!

    My uncle built a command module for his kids (and nephews :) over 15 years ago. could fit two people at a time, lying on your back in the basement. Used all 74-series logic! I think the most complicated thing on it was a 7-segment countdown timer, but it provided countless ;) hours of fun! Still miss it….

  • Just a thought, but if you go throwing a bunch of stuff in that big airspace and mounting it to the walls and such, you are probably going to wreak havoc with your acoustics! I’m not too familiar with how they are made, so it may be a non-issue, but if it uses that airspace/chamber walls for resonance, pretty much guarantees problems if you put stuff in it. Easy to test I guess, stick a foam/wood block in there and play it :)

    Good luck!

  • That’s an ending I’m not sure I want to see, or miss, I really can’t decide. :)

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