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  • Does this display contain internal current-limiting resistors or would each RGB pin need it's own resistor? It would be great if someone could create a hookup guide, potentially even showing how to use it with multiplexers/shift registers as mentioned by a few others.

  • Is this board an official Arduino Due from Arduino.cc or is it from Arduino.org? The pictures show the Arduino.org board, and as I understand it, they require a different IDE and some boards have different pin placement between the two companies.

  • Does this module work on the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band (or both)?

  • The Adafruit libraries linked by Member #634882 assume you are using Adafruit's version of this board. The Adafruit version has some additional circuitry that (I think) handles putting the ADXL345 into I2C mode.

    To put Sparkfun board in I2C, simply connect the CS pin to 3.3 V (VCC).

  • That is a good point, I hadn't considered that. That will also solve the potential issue of not having enough length. Thanks!

  • Can these strips be bent into a C shape? I need to outline a semicircle with a 2-ish foot radius, but I'm not sure if these strips will have enough sideways flexibility. Anyone have any experience with that?