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  • Why do you have Forward Voltage for a chip that runs TTL data input.

  • Ah, that is to bad, as it is hard to find FCC certified. boards. and our customer is unlikely to accept things with non FCC certified.wireless parts.

  • do this board conform to FCC regulation.?

  • It’s not clear to me how you can use more than one of these on an I2C bus since they would all use the same address. Many I2C devices have address bits which can be used to give a range of 4 or 8 addresses. Is there some other way to use 4 or more of these on the same I2C bus?

    what I have done in the past is just multiplex the dataline with a 4051. or if you just need 2, many µC have secondary I2C controller

  • If someone tells a trademark holder about a violation, the holder has no choice. and Fluke makes really good DMM,

  • well depends on what you are printing it in.

  • Well as it is a fibre optic, with one end collected in a point, as lone as the parts are still connected withe the fibres ending i the point, it should work as normal, bit the other parts are completely useless, okay nothing is completer, but then not very useful

  • the "F" is 1A trip current but 0.5A hold current, and yes it will take 10s at 1A but closer to 0.2s at 2-3A. so maybe not the fasted but you could us them on the line from the battery, and it will cut out before the battery started to heat up/ overheat.

  • as with all radio, while under water forget about getting a signal. also remember that only the GPS knows where the GPS is, so if you aquatic creature out of the water long enough get a position, you will have to have a transmitter to sent that data or something to logge it, and hope you can find that creature again so you can get your log.

  • so you don't use sparkfun, because they don't have just the part you need, and now because you they didn't give you any money you will not use them.
    Free day is a server test, and did you not get server errors, server timeouts.
    so if it is a scam? they must have gotten or taken something from you, if they got you to come here and no one got any thing may be able to call it a scam, but they have been up front about the fact that most would not get any thing.

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