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  • Any advice on how to program an Arduino to read the Coin and Counter lines? I'm new to this, and can't seem to see the signals. Thanks!

  • Has anyone else made any progress on this? I have just ordered my parts, and I will start designing a datalogger for a vehicle with a Sevcon Gen4 controller. Bit of a noob, so I could use all the help I can get :)

  • Under "Documents" if anyone is still having trouble finding it.

  • It's a bit pricier, but I've found the KTA-225 made by Ocean Controls significantly better (read: actually usable) than this CanaKit Board. Sparkfun stocks the brother to this board, KTA-223 (less analog inputs, but has opto-isolated digital inputs).

    Pros: It doesn't drop characters, can be programmed as an arduino, accepts arduino shields, you can poll for all of the analog input values at once, you can poll for all relay statuses at once, communication is faster, interface and support provided are much better (many examples, sample code, support for wifi and ethernet hookup).

  • How is this meant to be mounted to the claw, do you sell this part?

  • Yes, they are adhesive backed.

  • Same thing happening for me. After spending hours coding around the dropped characters, I've deemed it unusable and will proceed to purchasing the same board that dlotton recommended on that forum.

    If you haven't read the forum: CanaKit recognizes the dropped character problem, and intends to do nothing about it.