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  • This was my question. I see batteries mentioned but nothing about them in the instructions. Good to know they are built in, but are they able to be replaced?

  • Thor plays a trick on Loki by supersizing his NES with his brand new Sparkfun Make-it-bigger-zapper.

  • Like @dksmall as I get older (I'm 53) I find I rely more on professional mechanics. I am rebuilding a VW superbeetle but instead of doing all the work myself like I would've in my 20's I have a trusted mechanic for the engine and trusted people for the bodywork. I still dabble in customizing it, and my electronics hobby fits in well with that.

  • I foresee a sudden explosion of growth in LEGO compatible LEDs. These are a great starting point.

  • My dad was a carpenter and he informed me that average stairs have a 7 inch rise (height) and an 11 inch tread (depth), but that can vary. He thinks OSHA rules are a maximum 8 inch rise, and minimum 10 inch tread if you want to make a robot that will climb real world, and not Barbie dream house stairs.

  • Gandalf thought the floral print was a nice touch but he could never get the hang of clasping the bracelet.

  • I would like to see the effect if you create a coil around that copper pipe and drop the magnet through. -would it change the speed of the drop -would it change the time electricity is generated -would it create a rift in the universe

    Lets experiment!

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