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  • Product PRT-10473 | about a year ago

    will this charger work with your 110ma little lipos?

  • Product ROB-11015 | about 2 years ago

    please get more!!!

  • Product ROB-10455 | about 2 years ago

    next gen super soaker!!!!

  • News - New Product Friday: Will … | about 2 years ago

    How many milliamps is this spark probably? It seems like it would be below the 10mA danger zone for a healthy meat popsicle, but I’m no expert. If this draws 15 watts off 5 volts at peak (3 Amp draw) even if the voltage of the spark end were as low as 5000 volts (which I doubt it’s that low gauging by the spark gap width)that would still be less than 10 mA right? I don’t know though because I don’t know if the oscillator that drives this make it more complicated than I realize. Perhaps it gets turned on and off really fast and that would change how much juice it delivered? I’m just trying to gauge the danger level here. Obviously it would still hurt… a lot. Am I missing something here?

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