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  • Guys, you gotta put some acoustic damping in your video studio space. I know that you’re working in a brand new building, and acoustic treatments are less important than workbenches, lights, stuff…but the echo/reverb is getting to be pretty distracting.

  • I loved Nick Poole’s product video where he used the MindWave and an Arduino to bend a spoon. What a great idea for demo! I’ve always been a bit skeptical about the “concentration” and “focus” measures that are reported by many consumer-oriented EEG systems, but Nick’s trick of counting backwards by 3 seemed like a technique that I could test experimentally. So, I fired up my prototype EEG system and explored the EEG signature of concentration. If you’re interested you can check it out here

    So, thanks to Nick (and the rest of the Sparkfun team) for this great product video. It was pretty inspiring!

  • Gah! No plans to make any more?!?! Sad!

    This was a cool unit. I bought one a couple years ago and have used it in several projects. I finally wrote up a description of one of my projects (a MIDI Clock to Trigger converter, see: and came back to this page so that I put a link from my page to Sparkfun’s product. That’s when i see that you don’t make it any more.

    Say it ain’t so! Make a comeback Sparkfun MIDI Shield!

  • My vote is to stop using the low-level background music in these new product posts. I find it very distracting while I’m watching the video. Maybe others like it, but that’s my 2 cents…

  • I do a bit of EEG hacking as well (and I know Conor). Definitely looking forward to seeing what you make, Sophi!

  • Gah! Why no mounting holes?!?!

  • And I’d love one on connectors…especially in-line connectors for wiring harnesses so that you can take your own things apart and put them back together again. How does this crimping thing work? How does one choose what type of connector to use? All that good stuff. I love making my electronics projects, but I hate servicing them…all because I use no connectors. Help educate me!

  • This is a great idea. I added my pledge. I’m hoping that they add a DAC component (MCP4822 or MCP4922). For audio products (or CV synthesizer control) a DAC is way better than PWM. If they add a DAC, this will be really useful to the musical instrument / synth DIY crowd (like myself!).

  • Flex circuits could be good for replacing discrete wiring on body-worn sensors. I’m talking about ECG/EMG/EEG kind of measurements where you need several electrodes on the skin. Traditionally, the individual electrodes have individual lead wires. These lead wires can move and wiggle, which introduces ugly artifacts in the signal. If you replace the wires with a flex circuit, you keep the ability to conform to the non-flat shape of the body, while eliminating those pesky wires. So, the most direct idea would be a flex circuit for ECG. Make it big enough to go from the top to the bottom of the heart, in a “C” shape, passing over the breast bone. Embed 3-6 of these electrode snaps wired back to a few ECG instrumentation amplifiers. Provide a header or solder pads for the user to apply power and bring the analog signals back to an Arduino. The user would attach disposable ECG electrodes, run a Arduino sketch, and be able to see the electrical wavefront moving through their heart (the QRS complex) followed by the wavefront moving back as the heart re-polarizes (the T-wave). Great for knowing exactly when your Frankenstein has come to life!

  • Screw holes? Where are the screw holes!?! Gah! The lack of screw holes makes it so much harder to use these things in projects (well, my kind of projects). Please please please add screw holes to any breakout…please!

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