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  • looks like a very interesting product range…but they’ve got to get rid of the christian cross and jesus fish traces on the bottom side of the board. this is gratuitous and doesn’t belong on a product such as this.
    i’ll take my electronics secular, thank you very much.

  • (…continued from prior post due to 500 char and 60 second limit…argh!)
    There is a little annoying feature of the search functionality…the user shouldn’t have to prespecify the type of content they are looking for. the system should get everything, then categorize it on the back-end.

  • the new format doesn’t look quite as clean as the last generation. i would reduce the font size across the header bar. The size of most of the elements could be reduced to decrease the vertical scrolling.
    Lastly, there was something appealing about the rounded corners on some of the graphical elements in the previous layout (e.g. header bars, menu blocks.) it seems missing that level of polish.
    (continued in subsequent post due to 500 char limit…)

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