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Day Job: Mechanical Engineer employed at Messiah College working on projects regarding Water And Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) in West Africa.
For Fun: relatively new to electronics but and old hat at making things, I’ve started a blog to chronicle my electronic and hacking adventures: http://tbeerslabs.wordpress.com/

  • How many Sparkies does it take to…. Oh gosh it’s time to shoot the engineers and ship the product!

  • Are you guys really this upset because you need a 7/32 driver? Looks like some pretty cool rack gear. I am an engineer and am fully capable of multiplying and dividing by 25.4 or multiplying by it. Whatever it takes just make it work! As nice as one unit system rather than 2 would be that is not the world we are living in at the moment. Go back to making cool stuff!

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