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  • Re linux flavor overheads: they are not really that big for most tests. You can measure them pretty easily -- use 'top' or 'stat' to see CPU usage, 'iostat' to see the default disk usage. While I do not have access to all the systems mentioned in the article, I am going to bet that while idle, the CPU usage on all of the systems is <5%, while disk usage is very close to zero. Which means that yes, Edison is that much faster. It is a pity it is Intel based -- I was hoping that one day we will all forget Intel with its un-verifiable 'trust me I am not backdoored' SMM code.

    Disclaimer: some tests my be affected by distribution: the flash may be written to faster when there are fewer files on it (but Edison was not very good at that test). Also, the graphics may, in some extreme cases, be slowed down by OS's window manager -- but this test did not run on Edison.

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