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  • Ok, maybe a parrot isn't as dirty and noisy as a monkey can be. But I'm pretty sure parrot beck hurt a lot more than a monkey. On the other side, I doubt I could carry a real monkey on my shoulder. Maybe I should try to do a talking parrot and keep the monkey away from surgery.

  • I like to call myself a pirate from times to times. After all, I've spend 5 month paid to collect data from the web. Or to plunder the web in other terms. I don't have a parrots sitting on shoulder. Don't be sad, parrots can be dirty, are noisy as hell and hurt a lot when they attack. But I have a plushy monkey which actually sit from time to time on my shoulder. I would love to give a voice to the monkey. I might regret it later when he scold me for not plundering enough but it sound like a nice idea right now.

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