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  • I was so excited about KickStarter, now I am learning a new level of patience and understanding and compassion about the Pit of Despair. Backer updates and communications are HUGE to me. Thanks for letting me know about your frustrations with China delivery times being lost in translation, Thanks for sharing your google docs reward fulfillment worksheet. Thanks for sharing your progress.

    The problem, at least with me, is that as a consumer, I have become spoiled. I know that my order confirmation email will hit my inbox the second I place my order. I'll get a tracking number I can put in my phone to wake me up at 2am to tell me that my SparkFun package just arrived at the UPS facility in Ontario, CA. I will expect my wonderful red box to be sitting on my desk by the time I come back from lunch. Knowing that that night solder will flow and magic will happen.

  • just did my first hot air smd solder with one of these guys, pretty cool.

  • What inspires me the most is to see the parents bring their kids to these events where they can let their kids creativity and imaginations fly. See you guys there.

  • SparkFun.coolness++; // Backed

  • loving the longer New Product Friday posts and the demo's are cool.

  • great tip, ima try that

  • this stuff is pretty amazing. Just got my package from SF today and tried it out at work using the hot water from my water cooler and it melted easily and was easily formable. I could also color it easily using permanent markers.

  • found manual
    Manual PDF

  • I merely meant from a chart observational perspective. TJ is probably the bomb, no devalue meant. :P
    You are all important !!

  • seems like Trevor and Matt have the most responsibility other than Nate. TJ seems redundant, only one person he is responsible for, also Lindsay L, C seem redundant. Is Orange and Green production and shipping?

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