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  • I happen to like UPS quite a bit (free shipping deals at newegg make it far superior to FedEx) and have had several packages delivered a day or more early. My only problem with UPS in recent memory was a small hole knocked into the box of a computer monitor (cosmetic damage to only the box).
    On the other hand, my most recent experience with FedEx-SmartPost (FedEx from business to local USPS post office for delivery) put a package on a truck somewhere in Texas and took over a month before it arrived back at its last departure point (not sure if what I actually received was the original or if a new one was shipped the day after I finally complained to shirt.woot).
    Of course it has been far too long to remember if it was UPS or FedEx that committed the great transgression against the glass top computer desk. Arrived home after school to see it sitting half in the garage/half in the driveway with more than half of the frame sticking out of the box. What was left of the cardboard box was held together with a bit of hastily applied packing tape.

  • If sleep deprivation is not distorting my memory too greatly, a simple rare earth magnet mounted low on the bike will work to trigger the sensors (a large coil of wire whose impedance is changed by the large amount of metal/steel in most cars and less so with bikes of any design).

  • http://www.theregister.co.uk/science/paris/
    Noticed this project some time ago while re-reading the BOFH archives. Not sure how I ever forgot about it.

  • Got mine through a reseller along with a seeedstudio rfid reader and cards/fobs. Somewhere along the line, the RX led resistor popped off in the heat sealed bag, so spent ~15 minutes with a cheap soldering iron to fix it (poor fine motor skills combined with too large/low quality iron tip). Spent another hour or so trying to figure out why it would not create a tty device.
    Turns out that I had too many memory hogging programs open, like firefox with 60+ tabs on a 5 year old computer, causing error of "allocation failed: out of vmalloc space - use vmalloc= to increase size." in output of "dmesg | tail".
    Other than that it has been a useful tool and hope it will continue to be.

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