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  • I think the "both" refers to acting as a charger, and as a supply. As a power supply it's limited to only one voltage (jumper selectable).

  • See the earlier comment from SpikedCola. You'll want to use a small NPN transistor between the Arduino's PWM output and the ADJ pin on the driver.
    The Arduino's PWM output basically involves switching a voltage on and off. But the ADJ pin on these LED drivers needs to be connected to ground to switch the LED on. The Arduino will switch the transistor on, and when the transistor is on, it connects the ADJ pin to ground.

  • An easy way to remember is to think of it in terms of supply. Both power and data are supplied from the same end. There's also an arrow that points in the direction of the data flow.
    The sample code has details on what wires do what. Green=CKI, Red=SDI, Blue=5V, Black=GND. (If you supply power on the separate red/black connector, use that for 5V/GND instead. Don't confuse this red with the red on the data connection.)

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