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  • Okay, I just saw Shaw's response. If there is the need for more complex gestures, it seems much simpler to have a matrix of individual IR LED, each one paired with an IR Receiver diode, and do the gesture recognition yourself --kind of the way you would programmatically determine the winner in a tic-tac-toe game.

  • +1 That is an excellent idea. Gesture to MIDI !!

    I guess you could also arrange these in a matrix (3x3) and get more complex gestures --like the way you can unlock some smartphones.. very exciting.

  • Thanks!

  • Newbie here. I have an Arduino Leonardo (R3?), not the Arduino Pro that you show in the "Hookup Guide." Can I still use the same wiring (using 3.3v instead of 5v ? What about that "level shifter" you mention? Do I need to buy anything else to use this sensor? Thanks

  • Hi there. This little sensor board is great. We use it in class with Scratch an Python and everyone likes it. But, we would like to make things a bit more advanced (without getting into programming a microcontroller itself --nothing wrong with that, it is just not the focus of the class)

    Question: can I use the Sharp range finder or an analog accelerometer with this board? if so, which one. I tried the sparkfun tutorial and successfully connected a pot (ground, signal and VCC) and an PIR.

    Any other analog sensor that you guys recommend for this board, I'm willing to try it. Thanks.

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