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  • First SMD project. So I have nothing for comparison as far as SMD goes, but I feel like there was a good variety of surface mount components and the project itself is pretty neat. If you want the specific colors in specific places be sure to test the bulbs to find out which is what color. Comes with a assembly guide in the box (different than the assembly guide link). The guide it comes with goes through the components individually. Really nicely put together kit. After assembling it and sticking a battery in there it worked nicely - no programming or anything necessary. Amazing how small those resistors are!

  • Although the build instructions indicate headers are optional and only necessary if you want to reprogram the cube I had to load the main.hex from the source code file myself - so probably a good idea to order some headers with this and plan to program it.

    To program the cube with an FTDI cable over USB using the linked code you can use avrdude. Get WinAVR (it comes with avrdude) and install that. Then you'll run a command like this in the directory that has the main.hex file (from the source code link).

    avrdude.exe -P COM5 -b 57600 -c stk500v1 -p atmega328 -U flash:w:main.hex -v

    (Replacing COM5 with the appropriate port.)

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