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Merlin Something

Member Since: August 18, 2012

Country: United States


Note to self: when correcting orders, use the part number, not the URL.

You ninny.

  • Ancient history at this point, but I was curious; have you ever gotten ahold of the manufacturer of these $15 units and checked if you could get them with a red boot for future orders? It'd honestly fit the SparkFun look better, and starving hobbyists like me could use these units still.

  • I'm actually curious about specifics -- compared to more professional name-brand arcade buttons like Sanwa and Seimitsu, where does it stand? I mean, Sanwa buttons tend to be soft, engage easily and bottom out without trouble, while Seimitsu's have a bit of physical resistance right as it reaches its engagement distance, giving you a more firm idea of when the switch is and isn't closed.