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  • UPDATE: Did some more digging, and that's apparently the protocol for an aftermarket Bluetooth add-on, not for the newer Bluetooth-enabled factory models. So it seems that's a "nevermind, nothing to see here". D'oh. May just have to install DistoTransfer on a PC and do some data sniffing to reverse engineer it, unless I can track down the API docs. They seem to keep them pretty locked down, though, so I'm not holding my breath.

    I can't help with confirming that the serial protocol is the same as their Bluetooth models, but since they use SPP (well, until the newest ones that are iPhone-friendly), it seems a reasonable assumption. That being the case, after a few days of digging and trying to find the magical combination of keywords to coax it out of Google, I found the documentation for the Bluetooth serial spec:

    I'm hoping to sit down and try to get an OS X client for it going, since I haven't been able to find any commercial solutions, and Leica just shrugs and says, "You need to find a third-party solution that fits your needs for OS X support." More to follow...

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