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  • Thank you! Can’t recommend your solution enough - worked perfectly for me!

  • I got this chip fairly recently and I decided on writing a blog tutorial describing how I set it up.

  • I’ve got this chip to work by following this tutorial and using the information regarding ‘flyback’ diodes from this tutorial. The data sheet also has an important schematic on page six (fig.3) describing the proper orientation for the diodes which I used in my circuit. It matches the orientation described in the latter mentioned tutorial.

  • I’ll take your advice then. That’s about as much as I expected anyhow. Thanks for your response.

  • Perhaps a foolish question but I was wondering if I’d have any problems using this Xbee shield in conjunction with a libelium Xbee shield? Or is it necessary to have two shields of the same make?

  • Oops. Thanks for pointing that out. Posted a little too early. :p

  • Does this antenna operate on the 2.4Ghz band and is it ideal for the XBee 1mW U.FL Connection - Series 1 (WRL-08666)?

  • Which antenna would be ideal for this module? Either the Interface Cable RP-SMA to U.FL (WRL-00662) or the Interface Cable SMA to U.FL? And would I need an adapter - what one?

  • Really great display; plenty bright and feels robust. Managed to get it working well with a MAX7219CNG using a 47k ohm resistor and two decoupling capacitors (0.1uf & 10uf). Admittedly, my greatest obstacle was the enigmatic datasheet which proved irksome to say the least…

  • Thanks for your lengthy reply - it’s proven invaluable!

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