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Fabio Miguez

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  • I don't see this on the description above, so here is the resolution from the datasheet: 800x480.

  • Aha! :). I'm a huge Senna fan, long story short, my father (a pilot) flew him a couple of times (I'm originally from Brasil), so I'm lucky enough to have a poster signed by him, with the wording "Fabio, hugs and best wishes, Ayrton Senna". I also attended his funeral.

    Sorry to get off-topic here.

  • Pearce,

    First off, that better be Ayrton Senna's McLaren running through the streets of Monaco in the background. And if it indeed is, great taste sir!

    I'd like to thank you for this. I've gotten into electronics recently, and use a MacBook Air. My next adventure is down the XBee road, and I was wondering how I'd communicate with them from a Mac. You've solved my issue. Great idea, and a timely one at that. Best regards.

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